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lunedì, ottobre 29, 2012

Sir Ian mcKellen su Empire di dicembre

Un'intervista spettacolare a Ian McKellen e un set di deliziose foto: solo uno dei tantissimi speciali sullo specialissimo numero che Empire ha dedicato allo Hobbit.
La perla?
«I had hoped that in this movie we might see Gandalf a little off-duty. – he says, with a glimmer of a grin. – You never see him washing, do you? No-one seems to wash, in Middle-Earth. And I rather like the idea of seeing Gandalf waking up under a hedge, where he's spent the night, and taking the straw out of his hair. Maybe stripping off and we discover he's tattoed from his neck downwards. Then him having a long pee againts a big tree.»

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